Good wine begins here

long before you find it on the store shelf

Good wine expresses the essence of the terroir and conveys the warmth of the winegrower’s hands.

Magic moments… You take a sip and find yourself in the place where the wine was born.

And then you decide you must have this wine in your cellar, otherwise one day you’ll miss it badly. 

This is how you meet your first good wine. 

Making good wine is a rough craft and a subtle art. It’s an exciting creativity and a boring daily routine. Good wine is always the result of the work of people who have fully devoted themselves to winemaking. 

Let sommeliers talk about delicate shades of taste and aroma. Wine is more than just taste. It is energy. 

All the wines you’ll find here come from independent family owned wineries. We personally know these people and trust them completely. 

It is important for us that the man helping us load wine into the trunk planted his first vine here 40 years ago with his father. 

This man has a lot to remember. His whole life was spent here, in this vineyard. And all he was doing every day all these years was learning how to make good wine.  

Wine is energy. It’s magic. And if you feel this when opening your wine, then we are doing everything right. It means you bought good wine made by good people.  

red wine glass and bottle