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Red Wine Constantini Muse (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon) – Goriška Brda, Slovenia

An elegant, complex, full-bodied and well strucured wine, produced from selected, best Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from terraced vineyards.

Grape variety: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
Wine-growing region: Goriška Brda
Soil: flysch of Eocene origin (marl and sandstone with a dominant clay component), soil rich in minerals and marine fossils.
Location of the vineyards: SE
Vine cultivation: single guyot
Altitude of vineyards: 150 m
Harvesting: In October, when the grapes are fully ripe. Hand picked, selected, the best grapes. Careful handling of grapes and must.

Maceration: Eighteen days in oak containers in contact with strawberry skins. Final fermentation in barriques (fr. barriques). Fermentation takes place with our own yeasts.
Barrels: Barriques (fr. barriques), made to our order from Slovenian oak, selection.

Naturally dried, selected grapes of the Merlot variety are fermented and matured specially in barriques (fr. barriques).

Aging: Five years in 225-liter oak barrels (barriques), according to the natural process. After tasting the wine, we combine it into the MUSE Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon category. Maturation continues after bottling. Tertiary aromas develop over subsequent years.
Sugar level: dry
The wine is not filtered.

Serving temperature: 18–20 °C
We recommend opening the bottle a hour before tasting. The development of aromas is intensified by decanting.

Description: Deep, dark ruby ​​color. After longer maturation, it acquires a brick red color with ruby ​​shades. A noble, intense wine flower full of spice and balsamic notes. Complex aromas of ripe fruit, cherry marmalade, cherries in liqueur, licorice, aromatic herbs, nuances of mint and pepper gradually transition into ´goudron´ aromas. In the mouth, the wine has a full and lively taste that fills the palate with its density and elegant tannic texture and ends with a persistent and wonderfully noble aftertaste. A luxurious, full-bodied wine.

Excellent bottle aging potential.

Gastronomic combinations
Appetizers: venison carpaccio with forest fruits
Main dishes: oxtail in wine sauce
Main dishes: steak with porcini mushrooms grilled
Main dishes: Florentine steak
Venison: venison with juniper
Game: deer fillet in wine sauce, wild boar rib
Cheeses: mature cheeses

The MUSE variety reaches its maximum expression in the first twelve years, and then, under suitable storage conditions in the bottle, exceeds seventeen years and more.

The MUSE variety with the potential to mature in the bottle for seventeen years or more. The rich structure and harmony of aromas gain complexity, elegance and noise with years of maturation. Due to the appropriate micro-terroir and the natural method of production, the wine maintains its freshness, fruitiness, fullness of taste and vitality.

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