Semi-sweet white wine Yellow Muscat. Producer: Leber, vintage 2018, wine region: Štajerska Slovenia.

Leber Yellow Muscat 2018

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White Wine Leber Yellow Muscat 2018. 

The winegrower: The Leber Family.
Region: Štajerska, Slovenia.
Alc.: 10,5 % vol.
Sweetness: Semi-sweet.
Vintage: 2018.
Volume: 750 ml.
Grape variety: Yellow Muscat. 

Shorter maceration of grape mash. Pressing and clarifying of grape must with nitrogen. Immediate fermentation of slightly unclear must with selected yeasts on the temperature between 14 °C and 16 °C. Two month-long wine ageing on lees and with stirring until the first settling of the wine into stainless-steel barrels.

One of the oldest muscat varieties, it is highly aromatic with special perfumed characteristics. It produces an excellent wine with a rich, full flavour and a pleasant bouquet, but only if harvested at the right time and processed in the right manner. A pleasant acidity allows its freshness to shine through.

Food pairings:
Yellow Muscat is offered after a good lunch with a dessert, a piece of cake or walnut potica (Slovenian nut roll).