Slovenian red wine Pinot Noir vintage 2017. Wine region: Goriska Brda, Slovenia, producer: Marjan Simcic.

Marjan Simčič Pinot Noir 2017

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Red Wine Marjan Simcic Pinot Noir 2017. 

The winegrower: Marjan Simčič
Region: Goriška Brda, Slovenia.
Alc.: 13,5 % vol.
Sweetness: Dry.
Vintage: 2019.
Volume: 750 ml.
Grape variety: Pinot Noir.
Harvest: Hand Picking.

Vinification: Maceration takes place for 14 days in contact with the skins in a stainless steel container without the addition of selected yeasts. Gentle compression with a pneumatic press. Maturation: 29 months in oak barrels, up to 30% new barrels. Maturation in the bottle: at least 2 months. 

Ageing potential:
The varietal characteristic of Pinot Noir is that it gets better over the years, although it is drinkable in all its stages of development. Therefore, properly fed, it can be left to age for up to ten years. The wide richness of aromas and the distinctly elegant structure of the body will only gain in sophisticated elegance during ripening.

The most classic wine country of Pinot Noir is Burgundy. The variety also came to Brda from there. Although the climate is suitable for growing this variety, it is not very widespread in Brda, as the vine causes a lot of problems for growers. Therefore, only the most persistent decide for it. It is true, however, that the traditionally produced Pinot Noir is the most elegant red wine to drink in all its stages of development. We can boast that we have the oldest Pinot Noir vineyard in Brda. The wine is characterized by a slightly translucent ruby color with a hint of brick hue. There are perceptible variations of the aromas of ripe cherries or even cherries in the liqueur, which turn into a slight note of orange peel. The taste is also recognizable ripe fruit, especially cherries. Finally a gentle peppermint. Perceptibility of gentle, ripe tannins. Extremely balanced and pleasantly soft, with a full body and long sunset, with a pleasant taste of cherry pecans.

Food pairings:
Fans describe Pinot Noir as a white wine in a red guise. Some even claim that it deserves the title of the friendliest wine, as it goes well with many dishes. It can be combined with easily prepared red meat dishes. It is excellent with meaty fish such as spice-enriched fillets of salmon, shark, swordfish, tuna and sea bass. It is also suitable for venison and mushroom-based dishes. It goes well with well-aged and medium-ripe mountain cheeses. In short, it goes well with food that can be simple or rich in flavor. To serve at 16 - 18° C.