Korenika & Moškon Paderno

Korenika & Moškon Paderno

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Organic Orange Wine Korenika & Moškon Paderno - Istria, Slovenia

  • The winegrower: Korenika & Moškon. 
  • Region: Istria, Slovenia. 
  • Grape variety: Malvasia. 
  • Alc.: 14,5 % vol. 
  • Sweetness: Dry. 
  • Vintage: 2013 - 2015. 
  • Volume: 750 ml.  

Vinification: 25 days on skins (maceration), without pressing. Fermentation: inox (stainless still), indigenous yeasts. Malolactic fermentation with indigenous bacteria. Maturation: 12 months on the yeast in oak barrels, total in barrels 54 months. Unfiltered. Ageing potential: 2019–2029.

Characteristics: The wine is a deeper golden yellow colour with saturated amber hues. The bouquet is powerful and fully ripe. Honey, pine resin, balsamic notes, lavender can be detected. In the mouth, the wine is dry, strong-bodied, moderately acidic. Very strong and robust Malvasia, it is quite warm, but not spicy. The taste in the mouth is not long, but intense.

Food pairings: Pairs well with any strong-taste dishes and aged cheeses. To serve at 10 – 12 °C.