Ice wine Chardonnay. Sweet dessert wine. Wine region: Štajerska Slovenia. Vintage: 2008.

Ice Wine Chardonnay Jamnik

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Ice Wine Chardonnay Jamnik 2008. Sweet Dessert Wine. 

The winegrower: The Jamnik Family.
Region: Štajerska Slovenia.
Alc.: 11 % vol.
Sweetness: Sweet.
Vintage: 2008.
Volume: 250 ml.
Grape variety: Chardonnay.

The bouquet is ripe with delicate and fresh flavour of lemon, figs and ripe yellow fruits.
In the mouth, the wine is sweet and full-bodied, with a rich texture.

Food pairings:
Ice wine goes well with chocolate, spicy and slightly fatty desserts, as well as ice creams and soft cheeses.
To serve at 10 - 12 °C.


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