Čebron Yellow Muscat

Čebron Yellow Muscat

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Čebron Yellow Muscat - White Wine - Vipava Valley, Slovenia.

The winegrower: The Čebron Family.
Region: Vipava Valley, Slovenia.
Alc.: 12,2 % vol.
Sweetness: Semi-sweet.
Vintage: 2021.
Volume: 750 ml.
Grape variety: Yellow Muscat.

Shorter maceration of grape mash. Pressing and clarifying of grape must with nitrogen. By using this procedure, it’s possible to achieve immediate protection from oxygen and the loss of fragrance. Immediate fermentation of slightly unclear must with selected yeasts on the temperature between 14 °C and 16 °C. Wine has passed partial biological de-acidification. Two month-long wine ageing on lees and with stirring until the first settling of the wine into stainless-steel barrels.

Sparkling yellow color with shades of green. Intensively expressed varieties of muscat, lychee and jasmine fragrances. Good harmony of sugar and structure.

Food pairings:
Can be enjoyed as an aperitif but makes especially good combination with desserts and cakes that are not too sweet.