Your wine starts here... long before you find it on the store shelf.   

The taste of good wine always remains.

Your wine expresses the essence of the terroir and conveys to you the warmth of the winegrower's hands.
You take a sip and find yourself in the place where the wine was born. 

And then you decide that this wine must be in your cellar otherwise some day you'll miss it badly.

This is how you meet your first good wine.


Welcome to our wine store! 

Here you’ll find good wines from small family wineries personally tasted by us or people we trust. 
Most of our wines are available for price up to 30€ because they are made for normal people and made to drink. 

Also we invite you to our olive oil and wine store in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Visit us, try authentic Slovenian wines and the best olive oil from small family farms of Europe.  


Yours sincerely,
Andrey Manaev,